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About the Internal Medicine Hanvit

We want to build a healthy community for every family.

Hanvit International Medical Center can thoroughly examine your body. Always make sure you get the advice of highly qualified doctors and professors in various medical fields. According to studies, our doctors will carry out an individual program on prevention and treatment of identified diseases, leading to surgical treatment if necessary.

Hematology Digestive
Endocrine Cardiology
Respiratory Infectious disease
Urinary Tumor

Hanvit International Medical Center has grown to provide a world-class facility for advanced treatment and rehabilitation techniques.

Our Doctors
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Is a general clinic that provides modern care with the help of very good professionals and infrastructure. 

Devoted service


Become the optimal choice of all members of your family. Hanvit International Medical Center always works alongside your patients and family by providing patients with the best healthcare services.
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Our Doctors

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Dr. Han

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Khám nhi tại phòng khám quốc tế hanvit

Dr. Mi Ae

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Dr. Sok

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Khám thần kinh tại phòng khám quốc tế hanvit

Dr. Park

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