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Hanvit Beauty Clinic – The prestigious beauty place of Vietnamese stars and thousands of customers. Hanvit has created beauty value in the hearts of customers with the quality of service and the reputation we have.

bác sỹ nha khoa

Modern beauty facilities are highly appreciated and trusted by customers.

Always put the interests of customers first in the process of providing services. Therefore, when you come to Hanvit’s beauty salon, we will be dedicated to beauty care for you.

Modern technology Support 24/7.
Scientific process. Experience teams of doctors
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Hanvit cosmetology services

Làm căng da

Stretch the skin

Services of facelift, forehead, high-tech zone G skin.

Tiêm filler

Injections fillerr

The optimal solution to help you overcome wrinkles without surgery.

phẫu thuật vùng G

Young skin surgery

Eliminate excess eyelid fat, lift sagging muscles and remove crow’s feet effectively.

phẫu thuật môi bé


Vaginoplasty surgery is safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Team

Dr. Thanh của phòng khám đa khoa quốc tế

Dr. Lee

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Dr. Trang của phòng khám đa khoa quốc tế

Dr. Henrry

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Dr. Kim của phòng khám đa khoa quốc tế

Dr. Rooney

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Dr. Jogn của phòng khám đa khoa quốc tế

Dr. Kaka

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